Logbook Servicing

For the few years after buying a new car, the warranty that comes with it will protect you to a certain degree from unexpected repairs and expenses to do with maintaining your vehicle. To keep the warranty intact for as long as possible, you’re often required to bring your vehicle in to a reputable auto repairer for regular logbook servicing.

We’re able to provide logbook servicing for all makes and models of petrol, diesel and LPG powered vehicles, from passenger cars to light commercial vehicles. We’ll give you early notice of any developing mechanical faults before they become serious problems, and allow you to keep your warranty intact.

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Brake Services

Your brakes are arguably your vehicle’s most important safety feature, but with the start-and-stop nature of city driving they can often experience wear and tear quite quickly, affecting your vehicle’s ability to come to a stop when you need it to.

We can provide a range of brake services for all makes and models of vehicles, including replacement and restoration of brake pads, rotors and drums.

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Steering And Suspension

Worn or faulty components in your vehicle’s steering or suspension systems can create a host of problems in your vehicle’s handling or overall ride comfort, from ‘play’ in your vehicle’s steering or unresponsiveness behind the wheel, to body roll when going through corners on the road.

We can check your suspension and steering for trouble spots, and recommend from a range of replacement parts including car springs, shock absorbers and bushes. We can also make repairs to your vehicle’s power steering systems and axle, to tighten up your vehicle’s handling, and conduct wheel alignments for optimal grip with the road and greater control.

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Clutch And Transmission

Sticking clutch pedals, grinding noises when changing gears or strange smells from underneath the car are all signs of trouble brewing in your transmission, which over time can affect your vehicle’s performance and ability to stay in gear.

We can provide a range of services for your vehicle’s drivetrain, from clutch repairs to manual and automatic transmission servicing.

If you’re having trouble getting your vehicle in gear, organise a check of your transmission by calling us today!

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Vehicles have become more and more sophisticated in their use of electronics, from stability control systems and power steering to intricate networks of diagnostic tools to track performance of different areas of your vehicle.

At Thornlie Automotives we have the latest in diagnostic scan tools to interpret fault codes produced by your on-board electronics and isolate the particular problem area of your vehicle for repair. We can also conduct repairs on other electronic systems in your vehicle, including ABS and chassis electrical systems, as well as replace spark plugs and headlight globes. Finally, we can fine tune your vehicle’s fuel injection systems and other key performance management systems in your vehicle to get the absolute most out of your engine.

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Radiators and cooling systems

Keeping your vehicle cool is essential to proper vehicle health; an overheating engine can very quickly turn into an expensive repair job. If you think your vehicle might be overheating, the best thing to do is either pull over immediately or drive very carefully to your nearest workshop for an inspection of your cooling system.

We’re able to provide a host of services to your cooling system, from leak checks to replacement of faulty hosing, seals or radiator units, as well as repair damaged head gaskets.

If your vehicle’s having trouble keeping its cool, give us a call and organise an inspection today!

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Engine Services

Your engine is the beating heart of your vehicle, and problems here can result in drops in performance, poor fuel economy and a variety of other issues.

Thornlie Automotives can handle engine reconditioning, optimising your vehicle’s power production, as well as a range of other engine services, including the replacement of damaged timing belts, cleaning of fuel injectors and pumps, and servicing of all kinds of engines for cars, utes, tractors and mowers among others.

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Other Services

In addition for our passion for classic cars, we at Thornlie Automotives offer many other services, including:

  • full range of repairs on all vehicle makes
  • servicing and repairs on 4×4 systems
  • fuel injection servicing
  • diagnostics and advice for problem cars
  • muffler and exhaust repairs and servicing
  • Windscreen replacement

To find out what else we can do for you and your vehicle, give us a call today!

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